Recognizing and Working with Your Intuition

Have you ever had an intuition feeling about someone or something? Did you store the notion away or dismiss it as it occurred to you? Was it later shown to be correct?


Have you ever had a "gut feeling" that something is right for you or that it isn't right for you even though you haven't given it much thought? Have you ever made a snap decision, felt good about it, and just "knew" it was the right choice but couldn't put your finger on why? These are fantastic examples of your intuition working for you and providing guidance to keep you on the right track for what will work best for you, even if you don't realize it.

Many great company ideas have sprung from someone's instinct. Fred Smith produced a report for an economics class about his proposal for overnight delivery service when he was in college. He received a "C" on the paper, but he was unconcerned. His gut assured him his plan would work, and he founded Federal Express a few years later.

Some persons are said to have a stronger intuition than others. It's also thought that you can hone your intuitive abilities. Although we would want to believe that our intuition is instinctive and always correct, this is not the case. When it comes to using and working with your intuition, you'll need to learn to improve your listening, watching, and comprehending skills, especially if other people are relying on the knowledge you have to provide.

i) Learn to look at the world as a mirror of oneself through practicing reflection: What are the people in your life demonstrating to you? Keep an eye on your responses. Learn to express yourself honestly about things, people, and situations.

ii) Meditate: Learn to cultivate true calm and tranquility of mind via meditation. Develop the ability to control your thought chatter. Learn to be patient with yourself and to be present at the moment without needing to make any decisions.

iii) Think about things and cultivate thoughtfulness: Ask yourself major questions like what were you put on this on this earth to do, who or what God is, and so on. Develop a life philosophy and learn where you stand on a variety of philosophical and world concerns. Everyone has a point of view; what is yours? What are yours? Everyone has prejudices; what are yours?

iv) Pay attention to the process and patterns: Get to know your triggers and problem-solving strategies. Determine whether or not these are appropriate methods for dealing with others. Keep an eye out for other people's patterns. People frequently say things like "that always happens to me," as if it were a mysterious phenomenon, never actually looking into why something happens again and over again. A clear intuition is often simply the ability to see something clearly without the veils of obscurity that obscure a point.

v) Strive for and maintain balance in your daily tasks: stay away from extreme events that can upset your emotions and put you off balance. You should aim to keep your emotional highs and lows from disrupting your hormonal balance. When your body is dealing with a chemical imbalance in the bloodstream, your intuition will be thrown off. The body's initial reaction will be to correct the imbalance. If you continue to make unbalanced decisions, your intuition will be colored by fight or flight impulses, sleep deprivation, elevated blood sugar levels, and other factors. The body will have clear intuition when it is acting in chemical harmony.

vi) cultivate patience and focus: An agitated, scattered mind is incapable of intuitive integrity. The mind enjoys completed work. Completing a thought, a project, or a work attentively from start to finish is a part of the development of clear thinking. When a person never completes a task, the mind never has the opportunity to gain confidence in its ability to achieve achievement. It can't recognize the feeling of achievement if it hasn't had it before. Learn to be patient and wait for things to happen in their own time. You can either suffocate something's full potential or accidentally alter the outcome by rushing it out of its time. Patience permits you to tap into your inner wisdom in any scenario.

vii) Turn inward to listen and trust: There is knowledge to be acquired and processed from outside sources in every scenario. But there comes a point when everything on the exterior must be measured against everything on the inside. When you learn to focus your attention inside, you'll notice that your body is already reacting to what you've learned chemically and biologically. Learn to pay attention to what it's trying to say. Is your intuition attempting to warn you of danger or assuage your anxieties, to guide you with additional questions, or to tell you to submit and relax? You should trust your gut instincts. You will eventually learn to hear with your entire body, rather than just your ears and thinking brain.

viii) free yourself from your ego thought; ego and intuition are incompatible: The ego is self-serving, and it will lead you into danger if it feels bigger, stronger, or more righteous. None of this will allow you to have a clear intuitive experience. To serve itself, the ego will falsify facts and feelings. The self-serving ego will inflict harm on others without hesitation, making it appear obvious and decided.

ix) Keep a diary of your feelings and intuitions: Keep an eye on your gut instincts. Few will be correct at first, as you will rapidly learn. Keep a journal to record how you felt, why you trusted your feelings, and whether you were correct. If you weren't, consider why not. What led you astray and how did you misread the situation? Don't rely on your memory for this. Don't be afraid to be brutally honest with yourself. What colored your hunches, what were your triggers, and what were your patterns? How do you oversome these?

x) Practice having grace (with yourself): Don't pressure yourself. This takes time to develop and you will develop your ability to listen to your intuition over time. Remember, you are allowed to give yourself grace! Just breath and give it time!!!

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