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I am an author of What Cootchie Wash Do You Use, 13 Life Lessons and Real-Life Advice Learned from Online Dating and Making Your Own Cootchie Wash Recipe Notebook (a companion workbook), Don't Let Grass Grow Under Your Feet, Real-Life Advice to Grow Your Career Path and 5-S System to Learning to Love Yourself.


Upcoming work: Get Off the Mother Strugglebus: Everything they should tell you, but they don't!

I went from feeling like a zero to becoming my own hero and I am passionate about helping other women do the same!



What Cootchie Wash Do You Use? 13 Life Lessons and Real Life Advice Learned from Online Dating

What Cootchie Wash do you use? Hearing that question makes you curious now, doesn't it? In this book, you will explore what ingredients make up your own personal brand. With a unique twist, you will hear about the lessons learned from online dating and some real-life advice based on where these experiences can take you and what you can learn along the way.