Need Help Meditating and Manifesting Your Dream Life ...Try this!

I know it sometimes can be a struggle to meditate. Try this 5-minute practice each day for a week and see how you feel. The purpose of this manifestation is to help you:

· To connect with the energies of heaven and earth

· To reach a deep state of relaxation and increase our energy vibration

· To help attract what we want by taking advantage of the mental-emotional state that we have once we feel peace and balance.

Steps to follow

You don't have to be a meditation expert to do this. Simply follow the instructions that I am going to give you and practice this every day for a week and see what happens in your life.

Look for a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, you can turn off the cellphone and sit in a chair, lay down in a bed or sit in a lotus position on the floor. If you like, you can listen to quiet music or light a candle, but it is not a requirement. There is no wrong or right answer here... This is about you and what helps you feel more relaxed.


Once you are settled, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth a few times and then visualize a tube of light that comes from the sky and enters through the top of your head going down to the heart.

Now, imagine that a tube of light starts to expand out of your heart and continues to go down your body until it reaches your feet then it goes out through your feet and it enters the ground beneath you. You can stay with this image for a minute or two... just observing the sensations that you feel. Remembering to breath in through your nose and out through mouth while you are staying with the image and feeling the sensations throughout your body.

While you are feeling the sensation of light throughout your body, breathe in air through your nose and with each breath imagining that light re-entering your body. When you exhale the air out through your mouth, all the worries and thoughts that we have in those moments, or from the day, come out with each exhale.

No thoughts...No control... just releasing everything as you exhale. Everything you are exhaling is being pushed out by your breath and the light helps move it out of your body through your feet and into the ground beneath you.

You can continue for a few minutes, breathing in and out as the light starts to fill your whole body. First, it spreads over your head and goes down the neck, shoulders, arms, torso, back… filling everything with light as it passes until it goes down the legs and out through your feet. Continue this breathing technique for about 3-5 minutes, after which you will have notice that you start to feel a deep relaxation come over you.

Next, I want you to visualize a goal, solution to a problem, a quality that you want to develop, or a situation that you would like to achieve in your life right now and think about how it would make you feel if you were to achieve that.

The most important part of this is exercise is to maintain the vision of what you want to achieve as if it were already a reality and to maintain this image and the emotion you feel for as long as possible.

When the time comes that you notice the visualization starts to disappear or when your intuition tells you it is time to move on, you should turn your attention back to your breathing and then to how your body feels and then you start feel the couch, floor or chair where you started. Now, slowly open your eyes and start moving your fingers and toes then bring your awareness fully back to the room you are in. Take as much time as you need here....

Extra step: If you feel inclined, take out your journal and write down what you visualized... make sure to write it down in the present tense as if you have already achieved it and the emotions you feel now that you have achieved your goal, desired state, etc. Do this everyday after you practice this mediation.

Note: you can keep the same visualization/goal each day or change it up...That is completely up to you!

This is just one simple way to start attracting the things you want in your life while your body recharges and relaxes! Try this for a week and let me know how this works for you!

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