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It Is Okay for People to Leave

We often want to say goodbye hoping that we will see each other soon; at least, we have that in mind when we bid each other farewell. But still, then, it is sad to see someone go, it is even worse when people leave permanently, and you are left wondering how you could move past that hurt and be okay again. Celine Dion was not wrong when she sang that goodbye is the saddest word, and sometimes it is hard to hear people say goodbye. Despite the pain and the hurt we feel and the months we spend agonizing about why people left, it is vital to entertain the thought that it is okay for them to go.

There are many reasons people leave, and most of the time, we blame ourselves for their leaving. At times we try to hold on too much, hoping to change their minds, but we end up making it worse. People come into our lives for a reason or season, and when the season comes to an end, they leave. I would say entertaining the thought that people leave can sometimes look like a defense mechanism to guard ourselves against the pain that comes with people leaving, but the sad truth is that they sometimes leave, and that is okay. We do not have the authority over what other people decide to do; they do what they want. We can only hope that what we do when we are around them leaves them with positive memories.

At times, we might be in very toxic relationships, whether platonic or romantic relationships, and not realizing that leaving is the best option when the toxicity gets too much. You do not have to beat yourself up on what more you could do. Sometimes leaving is the best option; there is only so much you can do before you reach your limits. You can love someone but have to let them go if they bring you more pain than joy or denies you an opportunity to do what matters to you.

So, the bottom line here is when people want to leave your life, let them, for your growth and wellbeing; the pain might be temporarily unbearable, but it gets better with time, and eventually, you will understand why it had to happen. And remember, that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season and the sooner you realize that… the better off you will be!

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