I Feel Pretty... Do You?

I'm going to do something that I know you're going to hate me for. But I'm going to do it anyway.

I feel pretty,

Oh, so pretty,

I feel pretty and witty and bright!

Admit it. You didn't just read that. You sang it. And now the song is stuck in your head. And I'm not sorry.

Although from Westside Story, I prefer the movie Anger Management. The Jack Nicholson - Adam Sandler combo is just too hard to resist. But I digress.

Courtney E. Ackerman mentions a shocking fact in her article on PositivePsychology, “Only 2% of women think they are beautiful.”

Is your opinion of yourself based on how others see you?

How do you learn to love yourself? How do you hang on to self-love when you're making yourself emotionally vulnerable to someone else?

Don't attach self-love to what others think of you or how you should be! Through my experiences, I learned to make lists that encourage healthy introspection. After years of online dating, hits and misses, and some funny and equally horrifying experiences, I stumbled across ways to love myself.

And so, I share with you a quick version of my 5-S System to Love Yourself:

And if you want more information, you’ll find FREE resources such as A 14-day Checklist to Loving Yourself More under Top Tips on my website. You will also find a link to my newly created Love Yourself Daily Affirmations Journal under the Books tab.

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