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How to Manifest Your Best Life Series: How to Manifest a New Job Follow Up Questions

Based on my last post, I received a few a questions. I thought it would be best to post the responses here for everyone to see just in case you may be wondering the same thing!


Is it necessary for me to imagine my ideal work regularly?

Every day, imagine yourself in your dream career.

Visualizing your dream career can help you keep focused on the vital things while also allowing you to practice making your dream job a reality.

How long should I hold visualize for?

Every day, keep your visualization going for 5-10 minutes.

It's also OK if you want to have shorter visualization sessions...every bit counts :)

How long does it take for a new job to appear?

It's impossible to say how long it will take for your new job to appear.

Don't rush the process; keep your mind on your goals and believe they will be realized.

Just some additional thoughts....

The process of manifesting a new career may appear to be challenging, but the key is to remain optimistic and persevere until you discover what you're seeking.

You will achieve your objectives and realize your aspirations in divine, don't worry about the timeline..Just let it happen


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