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How to Manifest Your Best Life Series: 9 Steps to Manifesting Almost Anything

It's a new year, are you are ready to start manifesting your best life? If so, here are some simple steps to follow to help start you on your path to living your best life.


Step 1: Decide what you want.

Begin by determining what you want from life. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of everything you desire in your life. When it comes to articulating your want, be as detailed as possible. Instead of stating, "I want to have a great career, "Try something like ", By the end of this year, I want to start my own health consulting business and making six figures."

Step 2: Determine why you're doing anything in the first place.

After you've figured out what you want, ask yourself why you desire these things. Knowing what is true for us and determining if the things we desire in our lives are what we want is crucial for the manifesting process.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to take you through this process:

· Is this exactly what I'm looking for?

· How would possessing this help me in my life?

· What am I hoping to achieve with this?

· How would I feel when I obtain this?

Step 3: Make a Request

It's time to tie your desire to a fishing line and cast it out to sea. Now, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Prayer is something that some individuals do. Some people like to meditate. Some folks prefer to write a letter to the universe or journal. Others use vision boards. More about this later...

You may use your favorite strategy or a combination of them to get your request out there, but the most important thing is to get it out there—spoken, written, or otherwise.

Step 4: Have Faith and Trust

It's great to send your wishes out into the cosmos, but you'll need faith and confidence to see your dreams come true. Even if it might be challenging to believe in something you can't see or know for sure, it's necessary to do so to receive from the universe. You've probably heard of the "Law of Attraction," and that's precisely what you're dealing with when it comes to manifesting. If you haven't, check out my earlier blog posts on the topic!

Our power to attract what we think is the law of attraction. So, if you believe beautiful things will happen, good things will happen. What is the story's moral? Believe in yourself and your ability to attain your objectives.

Trust is an integral part of manifesting because you must trust even when things don't unfold according to your plan. Part of the process entails faith that you will get what you desire at the correct time and letting go of resentment if it doesn't.

Step 5: Take Action in

You've stated your intentions, and you're in the right frame of mind to stay the course. It's now up to you to do something about it. It's not enough to sit around and wait for your dreams to come true. You can start taking even the slightest effort toward them such as making it a regular habit to write down 2-3 activities you'll do to get closer to your goals each day and then mark them off at the end of the day. (As a side note, who doesn't enjoy the feeling of crossing things off their to-do list?)

Step 6: Get Rid of Anything That's Holding You Back

It's critical to understand that there will be setbacks along the way to success. As you progress through the manifestation process, you will face obstacles, but forethought and awareness are the most effective ways to overcome them. A defeatist mentality and toxic individuals are two of the most prevalent barriers to manifestation.

If you're having trouble breaking free from a cycle of self-doubt and limiting beliefs, consider adopting mindfulness and harnessing the power of positive thought. If people are getting in the way of your objectives and aspirations (by discounting, criticizing, or undermining them), it may be necessary to put some space between you and them. You may confront and move through forces energetically preventing you from realizing your aspirations by being watchful and aware of them.

Step 7: Reiterate Your Goals

You may use techniques to stay focused, optimistic, and devoted to your dreams during the manifestation process. Here are a handful of my favorites:

· Journaling: Create a journal dedicated just to manifesting your dreams and write about them as if they've already happened. If you wish to be a published author, say something along the lines of, "My book [insert book title] is a best-seller, and major book reviewers have recommended it," or something along those lines.

· Affirmations: Using affirmations to keep your mind positive and your thoughts and actions deliberate is a terrific way to start. Try saying or writing a commitment to yourself every day, such as "I am worthy or abundance follows easily and effortlessly to me."

· Vision boards (a collection of pictures, photographs, and statements describing your life's ambitions and goals) are an excellent way to convey your intents to the rest of the world, as previously said. They're also an excellent method to picture and keep your objectives and ambitions in mind at all times.

Step 8: Recognize and Celebrate Your Achievements

It's critical to recognize your progress on your manifestation path. Here are just two ways to consider, but there are many more:

· Practicing thankfulness daily

· Make a note of your accomplishments at the end of each day (both great and small).

These actions will serve as a reminder of how far you've come toward your objectives each day, as well as an incentive to keep up the excellent work.

Step 9: Maintain a Positive Frame of Mind

It's important to remember that you attract what you think about; you need to maintain a high internal vibration and take care of yourself so that you're in the best possible position to effect the desired change. This entails maintaining a happy attitude and emphasizing self-care. Certain self-care routines can improve your mental resilience in as little as 5-10 minutes a day!

Stay tuned...More to come about manifesting love and money!

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