How Do I Know If They Are the One?

It often bothers us whether we made the right decision by choosing the partners we currently have. Sometimes we doubt if they are the ones we are meant to spend with the rest of our lives. Romcoms and other fairytales have made it even worse because we hope to kiss a frog who will turn to a charming man with everything we want or be kissed from a deep slumber by the true love of our lives, "the One." However, the reality is harsh, and this fairytale way is not how the world works. The One is very relative; it is not the same for everyone. When asked about who we would like to settle with eventually, I bet we have the list to back up our memory as we pour out qualities we want in "the one." It is not wrong to have a list of what you want, but the wise said high expectations lead to frustration, so other than your list, here is how you can know that you found the One.


We lose ourselves in better halves because we hope that whoever we get completes us. However, I would say "the One" complements us; you are a whole as a person, you should be contented on your own before you get a partner, love yourself enough, and if the One you've found makes you love yourself even more then they are the One. Does this person make you feel encouraged and motivated to pursue your dreams? Whenever you have news, whether good or bad, do you feel like they should be the first to know? Are you always cheered up by their presence? All these are signs that you have found the One. If you feel like you can trust them, if they do not expect you to be perfect and accept your flaws, you can indeed be yourself around them and transit from being serious to being goofy. If they respect the differences between you and do not force you to do what they think is right and still love you even when things are bad, then look no further, for you have found the One!

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