Do I Really Need to Date?

We live in a world where trends set the pace for us, societal expectations and rules dictate how we live. Like there is a "manual" guiding us on how to live our lives, what is expected of us at a certain age, and what we need to do when faced with a certain problem. We fail to realize that while trying to conform to society, we miss the bigger picture, that life is a different journey for all of us, and every aspect is unique from others. Take a look at dating; different people date for various reasons, some for the right reasons while others for the very wrong reasons. Some of these wrong reasons people give for dating are they feel left out among their friends because they are in the dating scene. For others, they feel like, at their age, they should be dating, or they feel pressured by their families. Some want to prove a point to their exes; all these are reasons that revolve around other people's perception of you when the real question should be, "do I really need to date?"

Dating is a decision that you should solely make. At times we love the idea of being in a relationship and feel scared of being alone. Maybe you love having to dress cute and have a date, or being called babe and waking up to beautiful good morning texts with kissy emojis, or just enjoying someone's company. Who doesn't love such romantic gestures? However, you need first to find out what you want. Do you want a long time commitment, or are you just in it for fun? Is it just a way to make people get off your case? Sometimes statistics show that some people end up alone because they did not start dating early, but statistics are never always right. You might be trying to move on and end up jumping into another relationship so fast only to end up regretting later. At times you enjoy your freedom and independence, and dating ties you down, still; you might end up in a 3-year relationship very unhappy but scared of calling it quits because you are scared of being alone.

The most important thing is you, your state of mind when thinking of dating, are you emotionally available, are you willing to compromise, is it time to get out of toxicity, and say enough is enough. The decision on whether or not you need to date depends on you, make dating a beautiful and memorable experience and not something you wished you'd never know. Take your time to know who you are, what you want, your priorities and preferences, enjoy your company as much as you can, recover from that heartbreak, love yourself unconditionally. And when you feel ready to share a part of you with someone, at whatever age, then you can date.

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