Are you tired of the daily grind?

Ladies, are you tired? Stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Being pulled in too many directions? I mean, you are sick and tired of being ALLLLL of these things.

Tired of the kids, your job, your family, your partner?

Feeling the constant pressure of people wanting something from you... or, that you need to go here or be with your family there... when you really just want to SCREAM, NOOOOOOO!!!

Are you feeling like you just want to drop everything and just run away?


Well, if this sounds like you... Come join us for WASOW Women's Retreat. WASOW stands for women aggressively supporting other women. And, you may be wondering what does aggressive mean in WASOW...

It means do you 100% support women in every aspect of their lives. Do you want the best for other women? Do you support them in their dreams and aspirations? Do you tell other women that you like their shirt, makeup or their shoes...Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions., then you are aggressively supporting other women. You are OFFICIALLY part of the WASOW girl gang.

Based on feedback from other WASOW members, they wanted a 3-day retreat to help them get away! So, we have designed a 3-day retreat for women who want to go deeper into connecting with themselves and others and to learn tools to improve resilience and enrich their quality of life.

This 3-day retreat is an opportunity to learn simple self-care practices that:

• Reduce stress, exhaustion, and fatigue

• Enhance physical, mental, and social well-being

• Help to navigate the challenges of personal and professional life resulting in improved life balance.

So, here is your oppportunity to take time for yourself and be surrounded with women who will support you and help lift you up.

Take the timeout you want and DESERVE!!!! Self-care isn't selfish! It's necessary!

See below for more information:

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