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Wendi M. Davis

Creator of Soul Excavating, Certified Life Coach and


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Behind the Name

Wendi M. Davis is a busy wife, mother of two teenage boys, life coach, author, spiritualist, YouTube creator and online content creator. Wendi and her family live in a suburb outside of Columbus, Ohio.  When she isn’t otherwise actively engaging in the activities that she loves, you can find her traveling with her family. Wendi also received a Master of Business Administration with a Leadership concentration after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Franklin University.

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Soul Excavating: Healing Modality

Now Available on Amazon

Wendi M. Davis is extremely proud and excited to share her latest work, Unlock the profound healing power of the Soul Excavating Healing Modality Guidebook, your essential companion for deep transformation and self-discovery. Dive into ancient wisdom and nurturing Earth energy to transmute past traumas and achieve lasting peace—start your journey today!

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What people are saying...

Crystal C. about a Soul Excavating Session

"Soul Excavating feels deeper than the human form, reaching beyond the surface. It's a profound healing experience like I haven't felt before with other healing modalities."

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